Yiliang Shi

Aspiring Data Scientist, Researcher, Software Developer

About Me

I'm an University of Utah student majoring in Computer Science and Finance.


Why Computer Science?

Curiosity, a desire to learn and a desire to create lead me to the path of Computer Science and since then I've never looked back. Since antiquity humanity has being in pursuit of knowledge out of a sense of wonder, to make life better and sometimes for the sake of knowledge alone. Programming is an all purpose tool. You can use it to create things to make life easier, create unimaginable beauty, or delve into the mystries of the univserse.

With the advent of the internet and the explosion of data, information has never being more plentiful. Transforming infomation to knowledge is an exciting challenge I would love to help tackle.

Why Finance?

Money makes the world go round is a trite but true phrase. Society works through the exchange of labor, and money is its representation. Knowledge grants choice, and an understanding of finance goes a long way in paving a good future.


Life is never complete without hobbies for relaxation - I might be terrible (and my neighbours might hate me for it), but I love playing random tunes on the cello. Life can get tough, but there is nothing like a good hike in nature or staring at the stars to put things back in perspective. Catch me at the gym, and I'll never say no to a game of badminton or table tennis.


Java - First programming language learnt. Due to the sheer amount of time spent learning it, it's a language I'll never forget

Python - Amazing interpretive language that takes out the boilerplate code found in Java. Picked it up while working on projects, Google and Stackoverflow is my f

Css/Html - Know the basics. Anything fancy requires time and research

Javascript - Familliar with the basics, in addition to d3 for visualization

C# - learnt enough from a semester in school I can pick it up again pretty easily

C/C++ - know the basics, but have not used it regularly

Database management/SQL - know the basics, enough to get things done

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